Zareou Limited – Terms and conditions

General Terms for Drivers

General Terms set out the main terms and conditions applying to mainly for driver and leading the usage of the Zareou Services. These are the main terms and conditions to use Zareou’s mobile application. To provide Transportation Services via the Zareou App, you must agree to the terms and conditions that are set out below.


1.1. Zareou Limited (also referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”) – Zareou Technology is a private limited company incorporation registered with company house under the laws of United Kingdom with registration Number 10394894, registered office 4th Floor 118-122 College Road, Harrow, England, HA1 1BQ; Zareou is a private hire company authorised by the TFL. The Zareou Services facilitate an authorised transportation provider to provide Transportation Services to an authorised user of Zareou’s mobile application and website bookings.

1.2. Services that Zareou provides, including facility and care of Zareou App, Zareou app, In-app Payment, passenger support, communication between the Driver and the Passenger and other similar services.

1.3. Any android smartphone and iPhone application for Drivers and Passengers to request and receive for Transportation Services

1.4. Technology connecting Passengers with Drivers to help them move around cities more efficiently.

1.5. A person requesting Transportation Services by using Zareou app.

1.6. Referral driver will get a personal Zareou Driver Account to use the Zareou App and Zareou Platform. Everyone will get the incentive every time they use our service.

1.7. This agreement is between the Driver and Zareou regarding the use of Zareou Services which consists of:

1.8. General Terms are as below;

1.9. Terms and conditions will be displayed in Zareou App, i.e. regarding price info or service descriptions.

1.10. the Drivers guidelines; and

1.11. We may modify any of the terms and conditions in this Agreement at any time at our sole discretion. In such event, you will be notified by email. Modifications may include, but are not limited to, changes in the payment procedures and’s Affiliate Program rules. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only option is to end this Agreement. Your continued participation in’s Affiliate Program following the posting of the change notice or new Agreement on our site will indicate your agreement to the changes. Terms and conditions will be updated from time to time.

  1. iv) you must comply withrules and regulations sets out by TfL (Transport for London) at all times, including all laws and regulation passenger transportation services.

1.12. You must provide your bank prerequisites in course of filling in the payment details during registration. If you are legally the account holder, you must enter your bank details. We will only be transferring the In-app Payment fees to the bank account which you have provided.

1.13. After successful completion of your application you may receive an e-mail with further terms and conditions that must meet the standards of using Zareou Services. We may ask for further details of your documentations which require to comply with Zareou Services and the industry regulator (TfL)

In case the Tax authority will submit a valid application to us to provide information regarding your activities, we may make available to the Tax authority the information regarding your activities to the extent set forth invalid legal acts.

1.14. The fare of the journey, a Passenger is obliged to pay the Driver for provision of the Transportation Services.

1.15. The fee that Driver is bound to pay to Zareou for using the Zareou App.

1.16. Cards and other payment methods used by the Passenger via the Zareou App to pay for the Transportation Services.

1.17. Drivers account access to a website and app containing information and documents regarding usage of the Zareou Services in course of provision of Transportation Services. Driver will be able to access their account including personal earning and network earning documentation. Driver can log in by entering username and password after registration complete.

1.18. Zareou is providing to Passenger whose request Driver has accepted through the Zareou App.

1.19. uses a third party to handle all of its the tracking and payment. The third party is a Zareou affiliate network. Kindly review the network’s payment terms and conditions.



1.1. Prior to using the Zareou Services, you must sign up by providing the requested information in the signup application on website, Zareou’s App and uploading legal documentation as required by us. Upon successful completion of the signup application, we will provide you with a personal account accessible via a username and password. By clicking the “register here to driver for Zareou” link at the bottom of log in located at the end of the signup application, you signify and permits that:
pursuant to valid legal acts, you are entitled to enter into an agreement with us to use the Zareou App for providing the Transportation Service and create your own network; you have carefully studied, fully understand and agree to be obliged by these General Terms, including all obligations that arise as provided herein and from Agreement;
information drivers have presented to us is accurate, correct and fully complete;
i) you will have to keep Zareou Driver Account accurate and profile information updated at all times.
ii) you must not authorise any other person(s) to use your Zareou Driver Account/Apps nor transfer or assign it to anyone.
iii) you must not use unauthorised for the Zareou Services for unlawful purposes and improper operation of the Zareou Services.
iv) you must comply with rules and regulation sets by the transport for London at all times, including all laws and regulation passenger transportation services.

1.2. You must provide your bank prerequisites in course of filling the payment details once registration. If you are legal person, you must enter your bank details. We will only be transferring the In-app Payment fees to the bank account which you have been provided. Zareou will not be liable for any incorrect payment transaction made into a bank account incorrectly of which details you have provided on registration.

1.3. After successful completion of your application you may receive an e-mail with further terms and condition that must be met standard of using Zareou Services. We may ask for further detail of your documentations which require to comply with Zareou and TfL regulations, this is including and not limited to your criminal checks and GP medical records. Failure to comply with the provided requirements and conditions may result in your application being rejected or termination of the Agreement and right to use the Zareou Services.

1.4. Registering the account as a legal person (i.e. a company). You are a legal person, if the recipient of the fees is marked as a legal person in payment details (as accessible in the Zareou Driver Account). In such case, the indicated legal person is the provider of Transportation Services and a party to these General Terms, Agreement and any further agreements. Only the specific natural person indicated in the signup process may factually provide the Transportation Services. Such natural person may use the account of the Driver only if he/she has read and agreed to be bound by these General Terms and any further documentation that is part of the Agreement. THE LEGAL PERSON IN THE PAYMENT DETAILS AND THE NATURAL PERSON FACTUALLY PROVIDING THE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES UNDER Zareou ACCOUNT SHALL REMAIN JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY LIABLE FOR ANY INFRINGEMENT OF THE GENERAL TERMS AND AGREEMENT CONDUCTED BY THE DRIVER.


1.1. We are hereby confirming that we grant a license to driver(s) to use the Zareou App and Zareou’s Driver Account. Zareou never allows or gives anyone the rights to sublicense or reallocate any rights to any third party(s).

1.2. Restrictions of using Zareou App and Zareou driver accounts:
a) decompile, reverse engineer.

  1. b) Only Zareou has the right to modify the Zareou App and Zareou Driver Account or any kind of software issue. Zareou Driver must use the modified version at any manner.
  2. c) Trying to get unauthorized access on Zareou App, Zareou Driver’s Account or any other of the Zareou Services.
  3. d) Uploading document or transmitting a file(s) may contain viruses, infected file(s), or due to other program software may damage or adversely affect our operations on Zareou App and Driver Account.

1.3. Using tags and labels of Zareou. Additionally, we may give you tags, labels, stickers or other signs that refer to Zareou brand or otherwise indicate you are using the Zareou App. We grant you a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license to use such signs and only for the purpose of indicating you are providing Transportation Services via the Zareou App. After termination of the Agreement you must immediately remove and discard any Zareou branding.

1.4. The License granted herein revokes automatically and simultaneously with termination of the Agreement. After termination of the Agreement you must immediately stop using the Zareou App and the Zareou Driver Account and we are entitled to block and delete Driver account(s) without prior notice.

1.5. All copyrights and trademarks, including source code, databases, logos and visual designs are owned by Zareou and protected by copyright, trademark and/or trade secret laws and international treaty provisions. By using the Zareou App or any other Zareou Services you do not acquire any rights of ownership to any intellectual property of Zareou.


1.1. Obligations of the drivers. You hereby agree to provide Transportation Services in accordance with the General Terms, Agreement as well as laws and regulations applicable in the country/city/county where you are providing Transportation Services. Please note that you are fully liable for any violation of any local laws and regulations as may arise from providing Transportation Services.

1.2. You must have all licenses (including a valid driver’s license), permits, vehicle insurance, liability insurance (if applicable), registrations, certifications and other documentation that are required in the applicable jurisdiction for providing the Transportation Services. It is your obligation to maintain the validity of all documentation. Zareou reserves the right to require you to present evidence and submit for review all the necessary licenses, permits, approvals, authority, registrations, and certifications.

1.3. You must provide your Transportation Services in a professional manner in accordance with the business ethics applicable to providing such services and endeavour to perform the Passenger’s request in the best interest of the Passenger. Among else, (i) you must take the route least costly for the Passenger, unless the Passenger explicitly requests otherwise; (ii) you may not make any unauthorised stops; (iii) you may not have any other passengers in the vehicle other than the Passenger and the passengers accompanying the Passenger; and (iv) must adhere to any applicable traffic acts and regulations, i.e. must not conduct any actions that may disrupt driving or the perception of traffic conditions, including using a mobile phone whilst the vehicle is moving or when the engine is running as stated in the law.

1.4. You retain the sole right to determine when you are providing the Transportation Services. You shall accept, decline, or ignore Transportation Services requests made by Passengers at your own choosing.

1.5. Costs you incur while providing the Transportation Services. You are self-employed and are obliged to provide and maintain all equipment and means that are necessary to perform the Transportation Services at your own expense, including the vehicle, smartphone, etc. You are also responsible for paying all costs you incur in the course of performing the Transportation Services including, but not limited to, fuel, mobile data plan costs, duty fees, amortization of the vehicle, insurance, relevant corporate or personal taxes etc. Please bear in mind that using the Zareou App may bring about consummation of large amount of data on your mobile data plan. Thus, we suggest you subscribe for a data plan with unlimited or exceedingly high data usage capacity.

1.6. Fares. You are entitled to charge a fare for each instance you have accepted a Passenger on the Zareou App and completed the Transportation Service as requested (i.e. Fare). The Fare is calculated based on a default base fare, the distance of the specific journey as determined by the GPS-based device and the duration of the specific travel. The default base fare may fluctuate based on the local market situation.

1.7. Upfront Fare. ​A Passenger may be offered to use a ride option that allows the Passenger to agree to a fixed Fare for a given instance of Transportation Service provided by you (i.e. Upfront Fare). Upfront Fare is communicated via the Zareou App to a Passenger before the ride is requested, and to you when the ride is accepted or at the end of the ride. The Fare calculated in accordance with section 4.6 shall be applied instead of Upfront Fare if the Passenger changes the destination during the ride, the ride takes materially longer than estimated due to traffic or other factors, or when other unexpected circumstances impact the characteristics of the ride materially (e.g. a route is used where tolls apply).

1.8. If you find that there has been an error in the calculation of the Fare and wish to make corrections in the calculation of the Fare, you must contact the Zareou Support Team via the trip history of the trip in question from the Zareou App. To make such claim, you are required to do so no more than 30 days from the date the trip took please. If 30 days has passed, then your claim will automatically be rejected.

1.9. Zareou may adjust the Fare for a particular order completed, if we detect a violation (such as taking a longer route or not stopping the fare meter of the Zareou App after the Transportation Services have been completed) or in case a technical error affecting the final fare is identified. Zareou may also reduce or cancel the fare in cases where we have reasonable cause to suspect a fraud or a complaint by the Passenger indicates a violation by you the driver. Zareou will only exercise its right to reduce or cancel the fare in a reasonable and justified manner.

1.10. Passenger may pay the fare for the Transportation Services via the In-app Payment as described in section 6 of the General Terms.

1.11. Receipts. After each successful provision of Transportation Services, Zareou shall create and forward a receipt to the Passenger consisting of the following information and not limited: the company’s business name, place of business, the first name and surname of the Driver, a photo of the Driver, service license number (if applicable), the registration number of the vehicle, the date-, the time-, the start and end locations-, the duration and length-, the Fare and the Fare paid for the provision of the Transportation Services. The receipt of each provision of Transportation Services is available to you via the Zareou Driver Account.

1.12. Cancellation fee & waiting time fee. Passenger may cancel a request for Transportation Services that a Driver has accepted via the Zareou App. Driver is entitled to the Fare for cancelled Transportation Services (Cancellation Fee) in the event that a Passenger cancels an accepted request for Transportation Services on drivers arrival to the requested pick up location. The passenger will be charged the minimum cancellation fee as per Zareou’s base fare.

1.13. If, in the course of the provision of the Transportation Services, a Passenger or its co-passengers negligently damage the vehicle or its furnishing (among else, by blemishing or staining the vehicle or causing the vehicle to smell in a bad way), you must contact Zareou Support immediately. You are not to at any point request the passenger to pay you for the cause. Once a complaint is received from you the driver, Zareou Support will investigate and reimburse you from the passenger after thorough investigation. As per the Zareou on-boarding/training video, you will be required to send Zareou photo evidence.

1.14. Your tax obligations. You hereby acknowledge that you are obliged to fully comply with all tax obligations that arise to you from the applicable laws in relation to providing the Transportation Services, including (i) paying income tax, social security tax or any other tax(s) applicable; and (ii) fulfilling all employee and tax registration obligations for calculations in regard to accounting and transfers to applicable State authorities as required by the applicable law. In case the Tax authority will submit a valid application to us to provide information regarding your activities, we may make available to the Tax authority the information regarding your activities to the extent set forth in valid legal acts. Additionally, it is your obligation to adhere to all applicable tax regulations that may apply in connection with the provision of Transportation Services. You hereby agree to compensate Zareou all fees, claims, payments, fines or other tax obligations that Zareou will incur in connection with the obligations arising from applicable tax regulations not having been met by you (including paying the income tax and social tax).


1.1. To use the Zareou Services, you are obliged to pay a fee (i.e. the Zareou Fee). The Zareou Fee is paid based on the Fare of each Transportation Service order that you have completed. The amount of the Zareou Fee is made available to you via e-mail, Zareou App, Zareou Driver Account, or other pertinent means. Please acknowledge that the Zareou Fee may change from time to time. We shall send you a prior notification of each such change.


1.1. We may enable Passengers to pay for the Transportation Service via cards, carrier billing and other payment methods (Zareou Business etc) directly in the Zareou App (i.e. In-app Payment). You hereby authorise us to act as your limited commercial agent solely for the purpose of collecting payments on your behalf, the Fares or other fees paid by the Passenger via In-app Payment. Any payment obligation made by the Passenger via the In-app Payment shall be considered fulfilled as of the time that the payment has been made.

1.2. Zareou reserves the right to distribute promo code to riders at our discretion on a per promotional basis. You are required to accept the use of promo code only when the rider applies the code in-app to a trip using card payment. Promo codes may not be applied to cash paid trips. If the use of promo codes is suspected as being fraudulent, illegal, used by a Driver in conflict with our Terms and Conditions relating to promo code use, then the promo code may be cancelled, and the outstanding amount will not be reimbursed by Zareou to the Driver.

1.3. You are entitled to review In-app Payment reports in the Zareou Driver Account or App. The reports will show the amounts of the In-app Payments brokered in the previous week as well as the withheld amounts of the Zareou Fee. You must notify us of any important circumstances which may affect our obligations to collect and distribute the Fares paid via In-app Payment.

1.4. We are not obliged to pay you the Fare due from the Passenger, if the In-app Payment failed because Passenger’s credit card or other payment is cancelled or is unsuccessful for other reasons. In such case we will help you in requesting the Fare due from the Passenger and shall transmit it to you once the Passenger has made the requested payment.

1.5. Before providing Transportation Services, you must verify that the service is being provided to the right Passenger or the Passenger has expressly confirmed he/she allows other passengers to ride under Passenger’s account. If you fail in identifying the Passenger, and the In-app Payment is charged to a person, who has not been provided or has not approved the Transportation Services for other passengers, then we shall reimburse the person for the Fare. In such case you will not be entitled to receive the Fare from Zareou. Additionally, for every wrongfully applied In-app Payment.

1.6. Please note that we will set off any Fares paid via In-app Payment against the amounts that you are obliged to pay to us (i.e. Zareou Fees and contractual penalties). We reserve the right to fulfil any of your financial liabilities to any Zareou group companies, in which case we will acquire the right to submit a claim against you. We may set off any of your financial liabilities against financial liabilities that you may have against us.

1.7. If we are not able to pay the Fees to you due to you not including your bank account details in your Driver´s account or if the bank account details have been noted incorrectly, then we will hold such payments for 180 days. If you do not notify us of the correct bank account details within 180 days from the date that the right to claim such payments has been established, your claim regarding the payment of the Fare not transferred to you shall expire.





1.1. We provide drivers and customers support regarding the usage of Zareou’s app and the Zareou services. Zareou has full rights to stop providing driver and customer support services if in case your services have been terminated for whatever reason.


1.1. To make sure excellent quality customer/passengers service and deliver supplementary reassurance to our passengers, you as a driver hereby acknowledge passengers have rights to provide a rating and feedback of your level of customer service/transportation service provided to them. This will be made visible to other customers/passengers. This rating average will be linked to your driver account and Zareou’s App. Some of the comments and rating may not be projected in your rating calculation if we find that the rating or comments are not in good faith.

1.2. However, in addition to the transportation and activities, we measure your (Drivers) level of service based on accepting percentage (%), Declining percentage (%), stop or not responding & completing the job or transportation service requests.

1.3. In order to maintain the excellent passenger service, we may determine to suspend or put a driver on investigation for their low rating or activity score. If a driver’s passenger service goes lower than 3.9% your account will be suspended automatically either temporary or permanently. We may remove the driver’s suspension after the investigation has been completed, and the outcome is on favour of driver.  Driver will also get their suspension reversed if it is merited that rating was bellow certain percentage due to system error or false ratings.


1.1. Zareou may send you the market overview via the Zareou App, Zareou Driver Account, text messages, email, or other means, in order to increase driver’s awareness as regards of when the passengers demand is highest for drivers. Such market overviews do not represent any obligations for you and are merely recommended for drivers. Market overviews are estimated by based on previous statistics, Zareou cannot give guarantee that the actual market situation will be corresponded to drivers.

1.2. We may have promotional campaigns for drivers in order to have minimum or guaranteed income. If the driver qualifies for the minimum or guaranteed income as per the requirements of the promotion, Zareou shall offset the gap. Driver will receive the campaign details via the Zareou App, email, or text messages. Zareou will have the full discretion of promotional campaign when, how and what will be in promotion. If Zareou have reasonable causes of suspension for any fraudulent activity by the driver, Zareou may withhold the Driver fare until the suspicion of fraud has been cleared after a full investigation.

1.3. Zareou may occasionally organise numerous campaigns to passengers for promoting the Zareou App. Zareou will offset the monetary value of the fare to the driver, paid by passengers if reduced due to the campaign.



1.1. You solemnly hereby acknowledge and concur that Zareou does not provide the transportation service but only provides an information society service. By providing the Zareou App and Zareou Services to you the driver and the passenger/customer, the passenger can order to efficiently move around the city. Zareou App and Zareou service work as a marketplace which connect passenger with drivers.  According to the contract for carriage of passengers, you the driver accept that you are providing Transportation Services either independently or via Zareou as financial and professional activity.

1.2. You hereby acknowledge that there is no employment agreement, nor an employment liaison has been between you and the company (Zareou) or there will not be any employment relationship between you and Zareou. It is important to acknowledge that as a driver/service provider, that there are no joint venture or partnership between you and Zareou. As you are not acting as an employee, representative or agent of Zareou nor any binding contracts on behalf of Zareou.

1.3. Drivers must not transfer or sell their rights and agreements originating from the general terms and conditions or Agreements to any third party.


1.1. Your personal data is confidential, we will keep it secure but Zareou is obliged to share some of your data to the regulatory company (i.e. TFL, Police, or other authorities upon request). Zareou is obliged to keep your data confidential unless it is regulated by the Transport for London. Zareou will be processed in accordance with Zareou’s privacy policy which is available at


1.1. Zareou does not guarantee or warrant to anyone that it is App will be accessible without any interruption. The App is provided on “as is” or “as available. The usage of Zareou App will be depending on the behaviour of passengers, Zareou does not guarantee you that the usage of the Zareou App will result in any transportation facilities requests.

1.2. To the utmost amount official law applicable, Anyone, or Zareou directors, Zareou’s representatives and employees are not legally responsible for any losses or damages that drivers may acquire as a consequence of using the Zareou Services, as well as but not partial to:
a) Zareou will not be any direct and indirect possessions damage/financial loss;
b) Zareou is not liable for your anticipated savings and loss of profit;
c) Zareou is not liable for failure of contracts, contacts, business, reputation , loss and any goodwill that may occur from disruption of  business.
d) Zareou is not liable for any inaccuracy or loss of data.

  1. e) Under no circumstances Zareou will be liable for any other kinds of damages and losses.

1.3. Violating terms and condition in regards of financial liability of us will be limited up to 100 GBP. You will only have the right to claim for your financial damages which if Zareou have deliberately violate the terms and condition.

1.4. Zareou will not be liable for any loss or damages that may incur to any drivers and their vehicle as a result of passengers or co-passenger’s activity.

1.5. Drivers shall be liable for breaching any of the terms and conditions or any other applicable laws or regulations set by TFL. You must stop and resolve such contravention immediately after receiving a respective demand from Zareou or state authority. You shall reimburse us for any kind direct or indirect or both direct and indirect loss and damage, expense, penalty, loss of profits, fine which company may occur in relation with your commit a breach of the Terms and conditions & laws and regulations. If Passenger represents any claims against the company in relation with your obligation of Transportation Services, then driver who shall reimburse such damage to Zareou in full within 7 (seven) Calendar days as of your acknowledgment of the respective request sent from us. If we are required to represent any claim against you, then you will have to reimburse Zareou any legal cost in regards of evaluations of the damages and submission of claims linking to reimbursement for such kind of damage.


1.1. These provisions specifically required in these terms and conditions that drivers shall be entered into force as of submitting the driver’s signup application. Terms and condition will be entered into force once drivers upload their documents and it has been approved by Zareou or receive messages that drivers have been made available to commence or endure providing the Transportations service to the passenger on their Zareou App or Zareou Accounts.

1.2. You may terminate your contract at any time you like by notifying us through Zareou’s Apps and Drivers account. After termination of your contract you will lose the right of using our App and driver account. Eventually you will lose the affiliation that Zareou provide referral commission from company profit for your referred drivers.

1.3. Zareou is always eligible to terminate the contract and block the accessing of Zareou App and Zareou account immediately without giving any advance notice in case of breaching the Terms and conditions, criticise Zareou, any applicable laws or regulations,  reputation of Zareou’s business, or cause harm to Zareou’s brand as determined by Zareou in our sole discretion, this is including cause by via the Zareou App, via social media or verbally. In the above-mentioned instances we may stop you to make another driver account at its own discretion.

1.4. Zareou may also block you from accessing the Zareou App and to the Zareou Driver Account for the purpose of investigation.  In case we believe a violation of the terms and condition or illegal activity from driver’s behalf has been made. The block of access from the Zareou App and Zareou account will be removed when the investigation goes on favour of you the driver of such suspicions.

1.5. Passenger comes first; Zareou is endeavouring the highest quality of customer service to all our passengers. Therefore, we are monitoring the driver’s activity through the Zareou App. If drivers fail to meet the standard of the basic customer service and get such minimum rating and activity score through App, Zareou will have the right to terminate the contract between you and Zareou without giving any advance notice.

1.6. Any Modification

1.7. Any modification on the agreement shall be entered into forced as soon as they will be made available to the driver through e-mail, notifying through Apps or Zareou Driver account. During the modification period drivers will be able to continue providing Transportations Services.

1.8. Revised or amended terms and condition Zareou shall post it on the website ( immediately and give 14 days prior to the notice. If drivers carry on using the Zareou services, they shall be considered to have accepted the modifications of terms and condition or the agreements.



1.1. The Terms and Contract shall be ruled by and interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. If the individual dispute subsequent from General Terms or Contract could not be settled by negotiations, then the dispute needs be solved in Civil court or magistrate court in United Kingdom.



1.1. Drivers must oblige to notify us as soon as any changes may occur to agreement or contract information’s.

1.2. Any required notification to be given under the Terms and condition shall be adequately specified if:

(i) Handed in person.

(ii) Proof of delivery (i.e. Recorded royal mail post, courier etc)

(iv) Sent via e-mail with clear image or message

(v) Through the Zareou App or Zareou Driver Account.

1.3. Any notification which is sent or send off in terms and conditions with this paragraph shall be considered to have been received:

(i) Personal deliver will be considered at the time and date of the delivery to third party.

(ii) if delivered through courier or royal mail; the date will be considered as received on the date stated by the courier or royal mail envelope containing the notice was delivered to the party.

(iv) if made available via the Zareou App or Zareou Driver Account,

 (v) if sent by e-mail, on the day the party receiving the e-mail confirms receiving the respective e-mail.


For every trip that is completed by you the driver from providing a transportation service to a Zareou customer/passenger via the Zareou app. Zareou will transfer to you the driver 75% of what the passengers fare is for that single trip. Zareou will be holding 25% of that fare as our fees (commission).



1.1. referring to Zareou’s business concept, everyone you refer (driver or passenger/customer) who joins Zareou with your unique referral code form the app, you shall receive 10% commission from every trip they take whether they be a passenger or a driver. This 10% is given to you will not affect the fare price charged to the passenger or your referred drivers payments due. This is rewarded to you directly from Zareou as an affiliation commission for your referral of the individual(s).

1.2. Affiliation/referral commission requirement. To qualify for your referral affiliation commission (if any are due) from trips completed by your referred driver/passenger, you are required to complete a minimum of 15 trips in that week yourself on the Zareou app. If you fail to do so, then you will not qualify in receiving this commission. This commission will not be rolled over to the following week. Zareou has the right to make changes to this requirement at any point. Zareou will notify you of any changes/new requirements via email, in-app notification or by text message.


If any provision of the General Terms is held to be unenforceable, the parties shall substitute for the affected provision an enforceable provision that approximates the intent and economic effect of the affected provision.