Navigating through the ins and outs of London City Airport is not made for timid travellers. From loud screaming children to slow-paced holiday goers and confusing crowds, these are the last things any traveller would want to experience after a long flight. This is further exacerbated by the plethora of airport taxis that may not have your best interest at heart. So, should you pick a traditional taxi service or an innovative rideshare app?

The ideal choice is picking a rideshare app. This is in part due to the revolutionary way in which these applications have impacted the transport industry, with a specific focus on airport pickups.

Here’s why!

Ready And Waiting

The first reason as to why a rideshare app should be picked over traditional taxis is that pre-booked rideshare rides will be waiting for you when you leave London City Airport’s terminal. This is true for delayed flights too, and as such, are flexible to the needs of any traveller thanks to the innovative GPS technologies employed by most rideshare apps. This is contrasted by the more traditional first-come, first-served basis employed by traditional taxi services. Further, exhausted riders will expend more energy trying to get the attention of the taxi driver. It is also important to consider that although traditional taxis may be available for pre-booking, the effort to find the designated taxi without GPS can be a chore.

Cashless Convenience

The second benefit offered by rideshare apps when compared to traditional taxi services is cashless convenience. Rideshare applications let potential riders pay for their ride through a choice of payment options. This is done mainly through card-on-file technologies that allow for payment directly from your credit card while also offering the benefits of paying in cash. This is done to ensure a more user-friendly experience that does not require potential riders to draw or exchange money. This is different from traditional taxi services that may have card machines, but are notorious for failing and are more likely to ask for a cash payment.

Relax While GPS Directs

The third benefit offered by rideshare apps in comparison to traditional taxis is the advanced technology that powers the app. This is most notably seen in the advanced GPS interconnectivity that these applications provide, which allows riders to sit back and relax while drivers are given the best direct route from Google Maps. This technology also accounts for additional factors such as traffic, closed roads, and any accidents.

In contrast to this relaxed experience, traditional taxi drivers mainly rely on memory and may easily find popular tourist destinations. However, they may be limited in finding more specific locations such as your home. Traditional taxi drivers have also been known to take the longer routes and thus run traditional meters longer.

No Meter, No Worries

The final and most important benefit offered by rideshare apps when compared to taxi services is the fact that these apps do not make use of traditional meters, but instead use fixed prices. This fixed price is generally set by riders setting in a fixed location and destination that is calculated through applications such as Google Maps. In contrast to this, traditional taxis often use meter prices that are generally priced on the distance travelled by riders and the overall time that it takes the taxi to reach the desired location. This can often get pricey as drivers have been noted to take advantage of first-time riders.

As you can see, ridesharing services really do outshine taxis in general, let alone at London City Airport specifically. As these apps allow you to rate drivers, they’re incentivised to go above and beyond.

Rideshare app, Zareou, takes it a step further. You can actually earn free rides! Every time you ride, or refer a passenger or driver to Zareou anywhere in the world, you earn loyalty points that result in free rides.

For more information, visit our website or download the Zareou app to start earning now!

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