London landmarks to see during a long layover between flights at Heathrow.

Any experienced or novice traveller knows that layovers between flights, either international or domestic, are the bane of any trip. This is partly due to the rush of wanting to arrive at your location safe and sound, or the general feelings of potentially missing out on exploring the bustling city where you landed. This is especially true when you find yourself stuck in Heathrow Airport for an extended period of time upon your arrival after leaving London City Airport. However, there is another option.

There are a plethora of unique, enthralling landmarks and attractions near Heathrow Airport. Rather than spending your layover browsing book stores and scrolling through social media, you could tap the Zareou app the moment you land at London City Airport and stop off at any one of these landmarks on your way to Heathrow. To make your trip easier and more exciting, we here at Zareou have compiled a plethora of amazing, underrated landmarks that you can explore at the touch of a button.

So, with this in mind let’s keep calm and carry on to these amazing landmarks.

#1 Grab A Pint At Britain’s Oldest Pub

Britain’s oldest pub, or The Royal Standard of England, is the perfect place to grab a pint of beer and wind down before your flight at Heathrow airport.

Situated near Beaconsfield, a stunning traditional English town with fine Georgian brick and picturesque half-timbered houses, this 800-year-old pub is a 30-minute drive from Heathrow airport.

Step into this pub and find yourself transported to ancient England’s Tudor age with a palatable splash of historical ambience thanks to its traditional low ceilings and panelled walls. The Royal Standard of England offers a range of craft and classic beers, ciders, perries, and ‘pub-grub’ to tantalise any taste buds.

This journey through time is perfect to be planned out whilst booking your first trip with Zareou’s ridesharing app. You can relax and enjoy the scenic, winding routes in style while GPS takes over!

#2 The Historical Ham House

If pubs and alcohol are not your cup of tea, the second architectural attraction that all travellers should explore during a layover is London’s historical Ham House. This remarkable landmark has been around since the 17th century and is nestled along the River Thames just south of Richmond only 9.5 miles from Heathrow Airport. It is surrounded by must-see botanical gardens and vast parks for all budding explorers to stretch out their legs. This landmark offers a unique opportunity for all photographers and history-lovers to indulge in the manor’s traditional English period pieces and artwork.

In fact, Ham House is renowned as England’s most complete and original 17th-century manor house! The best part? It’s rumoured to be haunted too…

It is the ideal location for longer layovers and is perfect for those looking to explore it in groups. This can be easily planned out through booking your first ride with Zareou’s innovative rideshare app. 

#3 Chessington World Of Adventures

Third on this list of must-see landmarks on your way from London City Airport to Heathrow is perfect for all travellers trying to balance long layover times with keeping their kids entertained, namely Chessington World Of Adventures.

This fun-filled theme park boasts a number of activities perfect for keeping the kids entertained. This includes theme park rides like roller coasters for older kids. At the same time, younger children may enjoy the fully operational zoo that boasts a wide variety of animals, such as gorillas, sea lions, and tigers. This fun theme park is located 21.5 miles away from Heathrow Airport and is ideal for travellers who are experiencing an overnight layover.

Zareou’s drivers will happily accommodate for this stop-off on your way to Heathrow when you book your ride in its innovative rideshare app. New to Zareou? Download the easy-to-use app here.

#4 Hounslow Urban Farm

If theme parks are not your thing, then Hounslow Urban Farm is the perfect alternative for family-filled layover time. This attraction is a fully functional urban farm that has a vast assortment of activities and kid-friendly options perfect for keeping them busy. These fun-filled activities include edutainment activities such as teaching kids about all farm animals, a petting zoo, and exciting pig racing which are tailored to entertain children of all ages. This urban farm turned edutainment hub is located 3 miles from Heathrow Airport and can be easily arranged when booking your trip from London City Airport with Zareou here.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for places to see and things to do on your way to Heathrow from London City Airport, it’s time to find a reliable, knowledgeable driver.

That’s where ride-sharing and hailing app, Zareou, comes in!

With just the tap of a button, your driver will pick you up in your preferred vehicle in minutes! Our drivers are incredibly friendly and have memorised every route and attraction. The best part? You earn loyalty points for every ride and every passenger you refer to Zareou.

Download Zareou today and pick rides at your preferred price; we exceed expectations, not budgets!

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